Berriedale Farms

Grass-fed Berriedale Beef

At Berriedale Farms, we make a special effort to raise tender and flavorful grass-fed beef. This means paying close attention to a dozen or more details. As an illustration, we raise cattle on native grasses and legumes which promotes animal health and a full-bodied flavor.  Our cattle drink the same clear and clean well water that Lizzie and Nelson, family and friends drink at the farm house. And we raise our animals to between 24 and 36 months of age before harvesting to allow the time necessary for the animal to mature and then to add intramuscle fat.
Berriedale Farms beeves are raised in a stress-free environment. Our beeves roam mountain pastures far from the loud sounds of heavy industry, trucks, trains and planes. We visit with our livestock every day, walk among the cows and calves, and Nelson sings them cowboy songs. Neither dogs nor electric prods are used for herding. And market-bound animals are accompanied by a herd-mate.
Harvesting is done with care at Berriedale Farms. Our meat processing plant, True & Essential Meats of Harrisonburg, is a Talmedge-Aiken USDA Federally Certified Meat Processing Facility and  additionally, certified for humane animal treatment. True & Essential Meats slowly cools our beef carcasses for the first two or three hours. Then Berriedale Farms beeves are dry-aged for a full three weeks. Our beef is vacuum packed to hold in the juices and flavors. And Berriedale Farms publishes several first-class recipes to help you get started in cooking grass-fed beef.

Lizzie and Nelson hope that you will be exceptionally pleased with our product--  
Berriedale Farms grass-fed and -finished  beef.

Nelson Hoy & Elizabeth (Lizzie) Biggs

Berriedale Farms
10245 Cowpasture River Road
Williamsville, Virginia 24487