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Grass-fed Beef Recipes


Our Customer's Best Recipes :

Several time- and taste-tested recipes for cooking grass-fed beef are available to you from this website page. Each recipe is formatted for your printing convenience. Enjoy!!!

        ● Recipe for Berriedale Grass-Fed Beef-burgers     
Recipe for Berriedale Country Beef Stew

        Recipe for Berriedale Sauteed Liver & Onions

        Recipe for Berriedale Marinated & Grilled Grass-Fed Steak

Lessons Learned at the Farm Grill:

           Do not defrost grass-fed beef in a microwave because the outer layer will begin to cook.

           Plan ahead and slowly defrost grass-fed beef in the refrigerator.

          Alternatively, defrost grass-fed beef in cold (not luke warm) water and a leak-proof bag.

           The liquid in a defrosted plastic bag of grass-fed beef is natural meat fluids and not blood.

           Wash your hands before handling grass-fed beef and disinfect cutting boards and utensils.

          Natural hardwood charcoal is arguably the best heat source for cooking.

          Do not cook over too hot a fire because you run the risk of drying out the grass-fed meat.

        ►   Baste steaks with a ranch-made glazing of two teaspoons each of maple syrup, Bourbon 
             whiskey and fresh pressed garlic.

          All things being equal, slowly cook grass-fed beef, so the muscle fibers do not dry and tighten.

          Salt dries out grass-fed beef, so let your guests do their own salt-seasoning on their plates.

         ►    Every discriminating cook we know likes grass-fed beef done “rare”.

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Raised the Berriedale-way:

Berriedale grass-fed beef is special because of how Lizzie and Nelson raise our heritage livestock. Red Poll cattle have been bred on small family farms for over 200 years, the breed benefits today from many generations of foundation herd stewardship and individual cow or bull selection for easy grass-fed marbling and the highest quality, tender and full-flavored meat.

Grass-fed and -finished beef delivers a more full-bodied and complex beef flavour than corn- or grain-fed beef because the cattle graze on a variety of natural grasses, legumes and shrubs. At Berriedale Farms, Red Poll cattle graze on fescue, orchard and timothy grasses, red and white clovers, young thistle and tender shrubs that impart a complex and full-bodied flavor to our Red Poll beef.

Berriedale Red Poll cattle are harvested after 28 to 30 months or more on the range -- essential time necessary to achieve both physiological maturity and to lay-on intramuscular fat. As heritage livestock graziers, Berriedale Farms moves slow- and easy-like.