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Berriedale Farms, Nelson and Lizzie live into a conservation ethic by preserving the grass-fed genetics of Red Poll heritage cattle, by breeding rare and threatened Suffolk draft horses and by managing an Appalachian hardwood and pine forest on a sustained basis for timber, wildlife and carbon sequestration. We hold in great respect the luminary American conservationists – John Muir, Theodore Roosevelt, Ding Darling, Aldo Leopold and Rachael Carson.

The Cowpasture River in Oil on Canvas by Nan Mahone Wellborn
The Cowpasture River in Oil on Canvas by Nan Mahone Wellborn

Beyond our family farm, Nelson and Lizzie are active players in conservation efforts throughout the Cowpasture River Valley of Virginia because we live into a solemn obligation to take the very best care possible of the environment for our children and grandchildren and generations still to come.

We believe without question that global warming is the most pressing environmental issue facing man-kind today. Berriedale Farms therefore stands in solidarity with the hundreds of large, medium and small companies whose leadership pledges their efforts to reverse global warming. Our family farm generates 100% of our electric power from renewable solar energy.

Berriedale Farms, Nelson and Lizzie are publishing a series of essays on conservation ethics to create awareness among students, citizens and public officials of the critical need to protect our environment and to stimulate interest in progressive stewardship. Each essay is listed below and all are open access. Enjoy!!!

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