Berriedale Farms

Second , determine what weekend or longer time frames you wish to visit Berriedale Farms. Please review our “ Cabin Rental Policies & Rates ”.

, send us an e-mail that covers the dates, arrival and departure times, number of adults, children, horses and/or dogs; but, please also include your telephone number and complete snail-mail address.

Alternatively , call Lizzie or Nelson by telephone at the farm to discuss the dates, arrival and departure times, number of adults, children, horses and/or dogs, and deposit and fees. The best time to catch us in the farm house is between 7:00 AM and 9:00 AM or between 7:00 PM and 9:00 PM.

Fourth , snail-mail a deposit check.

Reserving the Cabin for a Weekend or Longer

Reserving the Cabin on the Cowpasture River may be accomplished
by telephone or e-mail or some combination of both.

Nelson Hoy or Elizabeth (Lizzie) Biggs
Berriedale Farms
10245 Cowpasture River Road
Williamsville, Virginia 24487

Contact Us:

First , we think that you might enjoy these testimonials from our guests:

 ■  We would like to thank you for a wonderful weekend at Berriedale Farms. There were dozens of reasons not to go this weekend – both for us and for John's family – but instead, we packed up our kids and cars and had one of the most memorable weekends in years. Although we certainly didn't feel like we were 'roughing it' in your very well appointed cabin, there was an indisputable level of simplicity to our days of skipping rocks, brushing horses, fishing, hiking, fueling the fires and just swinging on the hammock.  We didn't miss computers or cellphones, telephones or cable tv. Without knowing it, we were all starved for a vacation like this one.

Noah, my 13 year old, was pretty mad at me for making him come as we drove west on Friday.  As we headed back east on Sunday, he turned to me in the car and said "thanks mom, that was awesome." I have Nelson to thank for his invaluable and very generous offer of tractor driving lessons. It was just what the doctor ordered. Thank you, Lizzie for introducing the kids to the horse and mule.  Although I've forgotten their names, the kids never will!
-- Debbie, Rockville, Maryland

■    The Hillbilly Hunting Club sure enjoyed our recent stay at your "Cabin on the Cowpasture". Several of the guys have been hunting together for 25 years or more, some related and others just good friends – it is a tradition unlike any other with us. We all feel that your cabin was the berries – deep woodlands setting, open meadows, elbow room, wonderful kitchen. But we all liked the open fireplace the best – just the place to share stories both past and present after a along day in the woods. One of the guys saw a momma bear and her three cubs, not just a glimpse, but three times in the same day. He captured a memory for a lifetime! And four hunters harvested deer which certainly exceeded our expectations. – Lenny, Pikeville, Kentucky